It's come again, that special time
To celebrate our year
We choose to do it now in rhyme
That's pleasant to the ear

It's been a year since we first met
It feels like but a day
We have made time for ME's work
And still had time for play

DePalma Park is now the name
Of Wilton Manors' best
It's her reward for services
That she performed with zest

 We made a lot of trips this year
To places far and wide
The fishing was a major goal
With scenery on the side

The Everglades were visited
At several different spots
At Snook and Trout and Peacock Bass
And Largemouths we had shots

Fly Fishing school was ME's thing
In Townsend, Tennessee
With fishing in the Smoky Park
And other spots, with glee

 We tried to fish in West VA
The rain did never fade
So off to Pennsylvania
For a full week we stayed

Then Skip ran ME's lock business
While she went on up north
To school and family reunions
She did then venture forth.

We followed this to old Lake George
For Skip, a trip back home
The Adirondacks had the spots
Where fishing we did roam

Colorado was next on tap
The river and the state
We got fish in lots of spots
The mountains looked just great

The Brown and Brook and Rainbow Trout
We caught all summer long
Florida fish did then replace
It seems we can't do wrong.

Steinhatchee called by Labor Day
For scallops in the bay
We fished a bit while we were there
But snorkeling ruled the day

With locks to make and yards to mow,
Bills to pay, plants to grow
And friends to see and routine stuff
Our life is not so tough

So here's our chance to say hello
To those we haven't seen
We wish you lives as great as ours
Enjoy the Christmas scene

To friends and family, one and all
We wish you Christmas Cheer
And much good luck and happiness
Throughout the coming year.